Standard Business Information Listing

By moving up to a Standard Level you move up even higher on every page on which you are found, up with other businesses at the Standard Levelm but below Expanded, Professional and Marketing Partner Levels. Being higher on the page means you will be seen by more people. Including more information about your business means you will attract more people to want to click on your hyper-link. Having an image, your logo or a photo of your business, means that viewers will be able to get a feeling for your business, entice them with the image you select! We also include you in the first e-Newsletter we send to every business we are able to communicate with via e-mail in the Hudson Valley letting them know of your making use of the Internet to market and advertise.

In addition, we provide you with two Announcements in our Viewer Opt-In Broadcast E-Mail System. As viewers visit HV/Net, we encourage them to subscribe to this exciting new feature, specifying the things they want to know more about in the Valley. With a Standard Business Info Presentation enhancement you get to pick two inclusions, subject & timing of your choice, to be broadcast to our subscribers.

A Cross-Link on your Web Site leading back to HV/Net's Front Page is required. This cooperative sharing helps HV/Net grow and, as an advertiser on our site, anything that gets us more traffic benefits you DIRECTLY. We will verify the link on your site prior to insertion of your Enhancement, and will periodically validate that it is still in place. Discontinuing this cross-link immediately terminates your enhancement.