Economy Business Information Listing

By Enhancing your business information presentation to the Economy Level you move up the page vertically out of strict alphabetic order, to be found with other businesses at the Economy Level within each category you are included in, but below Standard, Expanded, Professional & Marketing Partner Levels. You will be seen more easily, more quickly and your hyper-links will bring traffic to your web page!

You also gain the base level of interactivity by enabling your Web Page Hyper-Link from every instance of your company's Business Information Presentation across all of HV/Net. At the same time, the information you are allowed to present grows allowing for a brief business description, prices, hours of operation and a whole series of icons covering payment & features. Consumers are interested, are actively searching for specific kinds of businesses. Providing them with the information they need to make a decision on where to go to spend their dollars is vitally important for you.

A Cross-Link on your Web Site leading back to HV/Net's Front Page is required. This cooperative sharing helps HV/Net grow and, as an advertiser on our site, anything that gets us more traffic benefits you DIRECTLY. We will verify the link on your site prior to insertion of your Enhancement, and will periodically validate that it is still in place. Discontinuing this cross-link immediately terminates your enhancement.